HDPE Winding Structured Wall Pipe

  • 【Brief】:

    Product Sizes
    According to the nominal inner diameter (DN/ID)(mm)
    DN200   DN300   DN400  DN500   DN600   DN700   DN800   DN900   DN1000
    DN1100 DN1200 DN1300 DN1400 DN1500 DN1600 DN1700  DN1800 DN1900
    DN2000 DN2200 DN2400 DN2500 DN2600 DN2800 DN3000 DN3500 DN4000

    Ring Stiffness Class:
    Up to 20KN/m2      
    Can be Customize
    Thickness of earth-fill cover is up to 20m

    Pressure Level:
    Gravity flow
    0.2MPa, top to 0.4MPa


Product Overview:
HDPE pipe with spirally enwound structure-wall has large diameter, capable of withstanding heavy load and assuring zero leakage! It is a new type of “green” sewer and drain pipe, which is safe and environment-friendly.
It is a type of profiled structure-wall flexible tubing, which has a smooth inner wall, a spiral stiffening rib as its outer wall, and rib interface is manufactured via O-type spiral winding technology.
It is once-molded by winding with high-density polyethylene (as shown) in hot melt state. Before demoulding in hot state, it is rolled and cooled in air to allow gradual heat dissipation. The wall thickness is uniform.
Pipe connection may be a bell-and-spigot electric fusion jointing and a flexible seal ring connection, and throttle-type bell-and-spigot connection. For bell-and-spigot electric fusion jointing, both ends of pipe are processed to bell and spigot type respectively during product. Electric fuse is embedded into the middle section of inner wall of bell end. When the pipe is connected, energizing is the only process for installation, and zero leakage can be realized for the pipe network system. For elastic sealing ring connection and throttle-type bell-and-spigot connection, it overcomes the construction difficulty which hinder the electric fusion jointing or heat fusion jointing operation, such as high underground water level, and inflammable and explosive pipelines at the construction site. It thus expands the scope of application for the product, and meets the needs for more customers.
As it is safe, reliable, and environment-friendly, the product has been widely used in fields such as municipal works, nuclear power and thermal power plant, petrochemical industry, metallurgy and transportation hub, and has also been extensively applied globally for a long time. In China, it has been rated as a key promotional product by Ministry of Construction, and is a new type of high quality product in the national promotion of “substitution of steel by plastic, substitution of cement by plastic” for urban rain & sewerage system
Raw Materials:
Special material like grade PE80 or grade PE100 for HDPE tubing; pp corrugated pipe as stiffening rib.
Manufacture Technique:
HDPE spirally enwound reinforced pipe has PE structured wall as its main support structure, and is formed through hot winding. Molding at constant high temperature is realized for the product in the production process from melting PE material particle to pipe forming; inner wall and outer wall are enwound simultaneously; natural air cooling is employed; bell-and-spigot type heat-fusion connection is adopted for the interface. The advanced production technology is leading in the world, determining excellent technical performance of the products. 

Performance Advantages:

Use the high quality PE materials
High Resistance to Corrosion
Resistance to Wearing
Excellent Hydraulic Performance
Green and Environment - friendly
The service life can be over 50 years though
PIPE Performance Advantages
Strong Resistance to Impact
High Ring stiffness above SN20
Seismic fortification intensity is as high as level 9
Convenient Connection
Good Sealing Performance
Light Weight
Low Construction Cost
Pipe -soil interaction
HDPE-wrapped reinforced pipe is a load-bearing structure system formed by both pipe and fill, that is to say, the pipe under load gains counter force through deforming in a moderate way while extruding the backfill around.

Connecting Type:
1.Socket-and-spigot electric fusion jointing
The PE at the contact surface of bell-and spigot is heated and melted by fusion heat, and its molecules bind together to be integrated. The pipes are thus connected after cooling.

2.Advantages of Electric-Fusion connection
The strength of such connection is consistent with pipe strength. It is resistant to root resistance and tension. The bell is integrated with spigot. The operation is simple and convenient.

3.Throttle-type bell-and-spigot connection
According to the patented technology introduced by our factory, the bell mouth or socket is provided with an independent annular ring for mechanical engagement; in addition, seal ring is used for the dual sealing design of zero leakage; the construction is so easy that no third-party equipment is needed; the adaptability of pipe to construction conditions is improved since the construction is available in the case of trenches with accumulated water and rainy days.

Technical Standards
The production and construction shall be in strict accordance with INTERNATIONAL AND NATIONAL STANDARDS.
Germany DIN16961
BS EN13476
Polyethylene Structure-Wall Piping System for Underground Usage--Part2: Polyethylene Spirally Enwound Structure-Wall Pipes(GB/T19472.2-2004)
Technical specification for buried PE pipeline of sewer engineering(CSCS 164:2004)
The design, construction and acceptance adhere to technical specification of buried polyethylene drainage pipe project (GB50268-2008)
Technical specification for buried plastic pipeline of sewer engineering (CJJ143-2010)

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